20 Second Summary:

4 Minute Demo

Look like a marketing genius

Targeting by interest is not only effective, it’s also impressive. Expect serious applause when you demo interest-based-nurturing at your company conference!

Trigger campaigns by interest

Get “Amazon.com style” targeting. When somebody researches a product – trigger a product-specific campaign. Be more relevant, and get more opens, higher CTR, and more sales.

Embed Interest-Score into Your CRM

Show an at-a-glance summary of each person’s current interests as a graph in your CRM software. Your sales team can see what to talk about. They will also take the leads more seriously.

Close More Deals

When a particular interest score becomes very high, you should close that deal. Trigger a sales call, and send “late stage” product-specific content like buyers-guides, and a time-limited special offer.

Assign Leads to the Right Team

If you have different sales teams for different products or services, you can make sure that the lead goes to the right sales team, expert, or division for the current opportunity.

Get Executives to Love Your Leads

Let’s face it: it’s easy to forget that leads are not just lines on a spreadsheet! They are people. Help remind sales and your boss by sending them graphs showing interest-levels.